With Congress back in session this week, lawmakers have a heavy agenda in front of them: how to help Americans hit hardest by the pandemic, and what to do about institutionalized racism and police brutality against African Americans across the country.

There is one simple move that Congress could make…

Author’s Note: This brief synopsis of Islamic law emphasizes the classical and medieval interpretative approaches, interspersed with contemporary points of view. This article is in no way attempts to deal with Islamic law in-depth; rather it is the goal of International Bridges to Justice to provide an overview of the rights of the accused in Shari’ah and a bit of historical context for understanding the Quran’s approach to those rights.

I. Contextual Background — Pre-Islamic Arabia and Islamic Law

When reading about Shari’ah, it is important to have a basic understanding of the society and era in which it was revealed. In English, the Arabic word jahaliyya is usually translated as the “Age of Ignorance” and refers to approximately the century before Muhammad’s mission in the Arabian Peninsula. In…

The city is rich with Mayan and Spanish history

The site of the ancient Mayan city Ak-Kim-Pech was the first place in continental America where the Spanish conquistadors arrived in 1517. The Europeans came under the leadership of Francisco Cortez de Cordoba, who ‘discovered’ (for the Spanish) the Yucatan Peninsula…

Frida Guerrera: activist, writer and chronicler of femicides in Mexico

In Mexico today, there is an undeclared war against women and girls. Femicide, the gender-based murder of a woman by a man, is a national emergency in a country where violence against women has been spiraling out of control for years.

The problem has received grossly inadequate attention from state and federal authorities. Anger at the impunity and lack of government response exploded in recent months. …

Carli Pierson

IHRL attorney & writer. Bylines in: PBS, USA Today, Independent UK, Al Jazeera, Romper, Ravishly, & National Catholic Reporter.

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